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Michelle Henderson

Michelle Henderson is an artist based in South Cambridgeshire.  Michelle is passionate about paint and the use of texture and colour within her work.


Whether painting landscapes or portraits Michelle aims to use colour & layers to create interest and movement.  


Michelle’s most recent work includes painting portraits of popular culture icons such as Elvis, Prince & Marilyn Monroe.

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Through drips, scrapes, paint flicks and use of fluorescent colours Michelle creates vibrant, eye catching paintings which pop.


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Michelle Henderson

Michelle Graduated with a BA hons in Fine Art from Loughborough University School of Art & Design, specialising in Painting.  Whether painting faces or fields Michelle follows her natural artistic instinct using a mix of brushes and palette knives to capture a free and fluid energy. 

Alongside large scale acrylic and oil paintings Michelle also creates small children’s illustrative pictures and colourful and beautiful framed baby scan paintings.

Michelle Henderson is available for commissions. 

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If you are interested in getting a painting commissioned or showcasing Michelles work, then please complete the form below and Michelle will get back to you as soon a possible. 

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